Amy L East

After trying every lotion, potion and pill possible and getting nowhere with my weight loss (in fact I was heavier and unhealthier than when I first started these fad diets) a friend recommended Kim.

At first I was really unsure – I thought I hate the gym! but after hearing all about how Kim works her magic I was rather intrigued.

When I arrived for my first gym session I was greeted with a beaming smile, this instantly put me at ease especially as I suffer with major gym fear. I’m sure Kim sensed this as she took me into a studio away from the gym floor.

A few sessions past and my out looked changed on going to the gym, I actually enjoyed going! Kim used to set me mini weekly challenges – beating your own PB is such a lovely feeling!

Kim and I discussed my eating habits and together we designed a plan that suited my health condition. I was eating good wholesome foods, I was enjoying it and my body was too.

I went from not being able to squat to box jumping squats! Kim also taught me how to lift, I never thought I would say this but I love it.

Kim isn’t just a trainer, she’s a friend – her daily texts kept me on track.

I honestly can’t thank Kim enough for the way she has changed the way I think and feel towards eating and exercise.

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