Winnie Mawoyo

While searching for a new gym I happened to view Kim’s profile and also go on her website and from that moment I was determined that she would be the personal trainer for me and I have not been disappointed.


From the first meeting I was impressed by how warm and genuine she came across and how focussed and committed to her profession she was.  I fondly remember Kim saying to me ‘yes we have to start you training, when you can start?  Her passion for training clients made me passionate about training and when I showed her a picture of someone who I wanted to look like she reassured me that it was achievable as long as I trained hard and watched my nutrition and under her guidance I started seeing changes in me which I absolutely loved.  She steered me and has continued to steer me in the right direction with both nutrition and training which I was completely clueless about.  I was the cardio and carb queen but being introduced to weights and healthy eating made me fall in love with training.


What you get from Kim is 100% commitment all the time, I was very pleased that she wasn’t one of those shout-y personal trainers but rather a trainer who encourages you and makes you believe that you can.  This self- belief Kim invoked in me has helped me not only in training but in all aspects of my life, made me confident about myself even.  The reason I even train at my current gym is because of Kim, I look forward to seeing her friendly face in the gym and just knowing she is around keeps me in check.


She takes her time to show you the correct techniques for each exercise and when I developed a hip injury she introduced me to myofascial tissue release which helped tremendously.  Her knowledge is endless, her exercises innovative and fun but of course they will put you through your paces – I have been known to draw stares from whining but all worth it. I have never been fitter in my life and the fact that when she sets the exercises for you she believes you can do it inspires me a lot and makes me determined to push through.

She has taught me that it is important to Keep It Moving, nothing moves unless you move it.  From the bottom of my heart Kim, thank you for introducing me to a world I was completely clueless about and for being such a wonderful person and friend.  I wish I had met you sooner!

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