Wendy McCready

I first met Kim in 1999 when I was a raw enthusiastic  bodybuilder weighing only 50kg at 21 years old. Prior to this meeting I had written to Kim asking for advice on building muscle and training properly since she was Britain’s leading female bodybuilder. So, when Kim responded to my letters and  suggested we meet up I was extremely excited and also a little star struck, knowing that Kim was such a successful and renowned person in the industry. However, I needn’t have been so nervous because Kim was such a friendly, approachable lady, she took me under her wing and has been my mentor and friend ever since.

The rest, they say is history but this phrase does not do justice to the type of person, coach, mentor, that Kim actually is. To say she goes above and beyond what is necessary is an understatement. I have never met anyone in my 22 year career that goes into such fine detail in all aspects of her coaching and teaching. She has an incredible ability to see things that the majority don’t with regards to movement patterns, angles, certain muscle groups firing or not, posture and much more.

Kim’s level of enthusiasm is infectious and because she believed in me and wanted me to do well it made me want to mirror that same desire to be my best. Even to this current day, because Kim has invested so much energy and time into helping me reach the level I am at today, I work that much harder.

Experience is something Kim has in abundance in all aspects of health and fitness. With her fantastic achievements as a professional athlete and also as a coach to many individuals, ranging from professional athletes, to people with disabilities to those who just want to gain more confidence in themselves.

Words cannot express just how credible this lady is and how highly I recommend her to anybody looking to improve their health, fitness  and wellbeing. For athletes out there, there’s nobody who matches Kim for her knowledge and experience and she would always be the first person in my corner when looking for a mentor.

In this modernised world of social media and  technology that brings with it many new aspects, good and bad;, the true pioneers and leaders in life will always remain at the top and Kimberley Anne Jones is exactly just that.

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