Seval Berryman

I have been hearing about Kim for years from family members that know her and have trained with her.

I needed someone to train me but someone that understood my disability and the severe pain and discomfort that I live with in my every day life, also that someone could help to strengthen my back and legs without hurting me more or causing further damage to my body.

Kim said she would help and give me her time I was  overwelmed she is this well know famous body builder a champion she is so successful with so much achievement I was amazed and very excited .

When I had my first session with Kim I knew she was the one, she understands the human body and explained all aspects of my body functions and my pain, in the past when I have had physiotherapy I would end up worse then when I started or was told not to do anymore as the pain got worse, but Kim understands and knows the body so well and how it functions that she has eased my pain each time. I have been able to walk further and stand longer and I have actually been able to get on and off the floor which I have not been able to do for years, within a few months the improvement has been amazing I actually walk and stand straighter. I look forward to seeing Kim every week rather than been disappointed at what I am unable to do, I am pleased at our achievement together.

Kim is amazing she lifts my heart and is an inspiration to my soul she keeps me positive, she is generous and so down to earth I feel like I know her for years, she is always professional and caring she makes you feel like you are the only one in the room with her. In our one to one sessions she is dedicated with out her help and support I would be stuck trying to live each day with limited movement with her help I move better still with pain but I manage it better,  she sacrifices her time for me each week. With her knowledge of the body and experience I am grateful and honored that she has choose to help me.

Kim is an exceptional and wonderful person thank you for helping me change the way I feel about my body and my disability and I feel this is only the begin of the road for me.

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