Wendy McCready

I first met Kim in 1999 when I was a raw enthusiastic  bodybuilder weighing only 50kg at 21 years old. Prior to this meeting I had written to Kim asking for advice on building muscle and training properly since she was Britain’s leading female bodybuilder. So, when Kim responded to my letters and  suggested we meet up I was extremely excited and also a little star struck, knowing that Kim was such a successful and renowned person in the industry. However, I needn’t have been so nervous because Kim was such a friendly, approachable lady, she took me under her wing and has been my mentor and friend ever since.

The rest, they say is history but this phrase does not do justice to the type of person, coach, mentor, that Kim actually is. To say she goes above and beyond what is necessary is an understatement. I have never met anyone in my 22 year career that goes into such fine detail in all aspects of her coaching and teaching. She has an incredible ability to see things that the majority don’t with regards to movement patterns, angles, certain muscle groups firing or not, posture and much more.

Kim’s level of enthusiasm is infectious and because she believed in me and wanted me to do well it made me want to mirror that same desire to be my best. Even to this current day, because Kim has invested so much energy and time into helping me reach the level I am at today, I work that much harder.

Experience is something Kim has in abundance in all aspects of health and fitness. With her fantastic achievements as a professional athlete and also as a coach to many individuals, ranging from professional athletes, to people with disabilities to those who just want to gain more confidence in themselves.

Words cannot express just how credible this lady is and how highly I recommend her to anybody looking to improve their health, fitness  and wellbeing. For athletes out there, there’s nobody who matches Kim for her knowledge and experience and she would always be the first person in my corner when looking for a mentor.

In this modernised world of social media and  technology that brings with it many new aspects, good and bad;, the true pioneers and leaders in life will always remain at the top and Kimberley Anne Jones is exactly just that.

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Marina Cornwall

I first met Kimberley in 2000 when I first started bodybuilding. I met Kimberley at a show and wondered who this amazing women was who people were queuing up to speak to.

Initially I was bit reluctant to chat to her because I felt a nobody at that point but I was bold enough to go up & introduce myself to her.

She was of course exactly how I imagined her to be beautiful, elegant, friendly & her knowledge of the Bodybuilding culture was second to none.

I visited Kimberley who kindly helped me put a routine together she made everything look easy & elegant yet dance was difficult for me. She also helped me with my diet/training plans again her knowledge & experience was paramount to my needs.

Well what can I say from being a novice bodybuilder I went on to win the British 3 times, became World &
European bodybuilding champion and eventually obtained my pro card in the USA in 2005. I owe my success to Kimberley, thank you Kimberley.

I have now appeared on National & local television, including ‘This Morning” with Holly & Philip, been featured in big magazine names, & appeared in two big movies & series of Mandown with Greg Davies, I now have a name & a brand of my own just like Kimberley.

Whenever people have interviewed me and have even been featured in books I constantly get asked who do I aspire to and who is my mentor, well I think you know whose name I will be mentioning it’s always Kimberley.

She won in …..  the Pioneer of Physical Fitness award for her dedication to this crazy sport. She was so deserving of this award as she has helped millions of men & women to succeed as I have done!

Kimberley is one lady I admire & constantly continue to achieve & strive to be as good as her as a personal trainer, coach mentor & friend.

I still compete today as a Pro bodybuilder & World Powerlifter today and until I don’t do so well I will continue to fly the flag for Kimberley as I hold her in the highest height she is one hell of a women!!!

Don’t hesitate contact Kimberley whatever your fitness levels &
Goals may be.

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I had always tried to train but an interest in competing in a bikini class lead me to discover Kim.  She was key to me understanding what I would need to do to help me achieve this goal and gave me full support to allow me to do so.  With structured, targeted training, nutrition plans, direction with posing and stage presence along with caring support Kim helped me transform into a Third place winning WBFF Bikini competitor!

Following the competition I have continued to train with Kim and learn more about structuring my exercise and diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle which will stay with me for life. 

Kim is a very disciplined, passionate lady who cares about helping others to achieve their goals while taking care of their bodies and mindset to ensure their wellbeing.

I am very lucky to have found Kim and hope that others who have the mindset and determination to achieve their goals are fortunate enough to find her too.

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Sydney 24

When I initially started training with Kim 2 years ago, I was underweight and very self conscious in the gym environment.

I continually learn new skills each training session and she has inspired a personal growth in me that surpasses looking a certain way, but discovering ways in which I can use my body to its full potential in ways that I never thought possible. I now feel I can hold my head up high when I enter the gym.

Kim’s knowledge of training and nutrition is vast, but furthermore the support she offers goes above and beyond our training sessions, when I have a worry or question she is more than happy to help whatever time of day.

If you want to learn or make a change for the better, whether it be a physical, strength or weight loss goal I would highly recommend getting in touch with Kim.

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Olivia Stan 30

I first started training with Kimberley towards the end of 2016, a couple of months before competing in Florida in the Bikini Model Class.

Before training with Kim, my way of training was very different, because of the suffering back and chest problems due to a car accident. However, Kim pushed me to train harder. It was another level of training.

After our first leg session I couldn’t walk properly for 3 days!!! But it convinced me I could train harder than I had before!

In Florida I took first place and overall Bikini Champion earning my WBFF Pro Card.

Thank you Kim. I will never forget that beautiful smile you had on your face when I almost cried in pan during that first leg session:)))

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Daniel Sullivan

I have known Kim for over 10 years both as mine and my partners personal trainer, who became UKBFF champion at the age of 45yrs old.

In addition she has also trained my “Gym Bunny” mother, who at the age of 72 really needed world class guidance and support, because at this age you really need specialist advice and expertise.

I have always been very fit playing squash, running, intensive use of the gym and latterly Muay Thai boxing. I have met over 30 different personal trainers in a wide range of different capacities from boxing and cardio experts.

When I first met Kim I was really looking to meet someone who could properly assess me and provide guidance and support over and above the “standard” offering you get from some of  the experts in the industry.

It is no exaggeration to state that Kim is easily one of the worlds best and most experienced fitness experts you are likely to come across. (I know she will blush a little at this!) She is a consummate professional who’s guidance and tutelage is without equal.

That first session with Kim was a true revelation. Someone who’s passion, commitment, enormous breadth and depth of experience and real personal care provided me a truly fantastic first training session and a real insight into how it should be done!

I am a teacher by profession and have spent many years examining teaching best practise and learning how best to motivate and inspire pupils to learn. Just because you have a sports qualification and lots of experience does not mean you’ll be good at imparting this knowledge.

Kim is simply a brilliant teacher, a wonderful motivator and an amazing athlete. I cannot recommend her enough! Not only will you achieve and surpass your goals… you will maintain them.


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Seval Berryman

I have been hearing about Kim for years from family members that know her and have trained with her.

I needed someone to train me but someone that understood my disability and the severe pain and discomfort that I live with in my every day life, also that someone could help to strengthen my back and legs without hurting me more or causing further damage to my body.

Kim said she would help and give me her time I was  overwelmed she is this well know famous body builder a champion she is so successful with so much achievement I was amazed and very excited .

When I had my first session with Kim I knew she was the one, she understands the human body and explained all aspects of my body functions and my pain, in the past when I have had physiotherapy I would end up worse then when I started or was told not to do anymore as the pain got worse, but Kim understands and knows the body so well and how it functions that she has eased my pain each time. I have been able to walk further and stand longer and I have actually been able to get on and off the floor which I have not been able to do for years, within a few months the improvement has been amazing I actually walk and stand straighter. I look forward to seeing Kim every week rather than been disappointed at what I am unable to do, I am pleased at our achievement together.

Kim is amazing she lifts my heart and is an inspiration to my soul she keeps me positive, she is generous and so down to earth I feel like I know her for years, she is always professional and caring she makes you feel like you are the only one in the room with her. In our one to one sessions she is dedicated with out her help and support I would be stuck trying to live each day with limited movement with her help I move better still with pain but I manage it better,  she sacrifices her time for me each week. With her knowledge of the body and experience I am grateful and honored that she has choose to help me.

Kim is an exceptional and wonderful person thank you for helping me change the way I feel about my body and my disability and I feel this is only the begin of the road for me.

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Jan Wroblewicz, Physiotherapist

I have known Kimberly Ann for 20 years when she was reaching her peak as a professional body builder. So when I had run out of ideas with my own training, it was Kim who I turned to.
4 years ago, having not-worked out properly for a few of my middle age years, I was stuck in a rut, so went to Kim as a client. Having never used a trainer myself, I can’t explain what the difference is between having a personal trainer and working out and doing your own programme.
She gave me a gym programme, diet to follow and I used running for my aerobic stuff. Needless to say the pounds fell off, I felt like I had loads of energy and I built up to 14 miles running  by having Kim there to push me or pull in the reins at the right times.
I have had also suggested Kim to some of my clients and feedback that her attention to detail and personal touch is what keeps them going when it gets tough-which is the most difficult part of fitness training.
I have also learned, for myself, how valuable it is to have follow-up sessions when you’ve reached your goal because it’s all too easy to lose your way and think “that’s it”.
I have no hesitation in recommending Kim as a personal trainer for absolute beginners, people trying to lose weight or professional sports people.

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Dr Angela Dawson

Kim is quite simply brilliant at what she does.  She has an incredible ability to find a way to make things work no matter how tricky the situation, ultimately meeting targets and achieving tremendous success with anyone fortunate enough to work with her be they world-class competitive bodybuilders, sportsmen/women, celebrities, full-time mums or even a busy junior hospital doctor mad about training with a dream to become a bodybuilder like me…  I first met Kim at a bodybuilding show about six years ago and somehow found the courage to approach her for advice (despite being more than a little star-struck…)  I am so glad I did because that encounter totally transformed my life – she was friendly, enthusiastic, and helpful and invited me to visit her at Skyline gym the following evening.  The rest, as they say, is history…

With Kim’s support and expertise and my love of training, dedication and determination to follow her advice to the letter, I have managed to build a competition standard physique alongside my medical career and achieved things in bodybuilding way beyond anything I ever thought possible. Kim always listens, always understands and will always find a solution to any diet or training problem you can think of.  She never runs out of new ideas (or exercises!) and over the years has taught me the skills I need to now be able to adjust my own diet/nutrition and training in order to achieve my desired outcome.  Kim has guided me not only to second place in the women’s over 55 kg physique class at the UKBFF 2009 British Championships but towards a more self-assured, positive approach to any new challenge in my life and a healthier and happier lifestyle and work-life balance altogether.  She has become my treasured friend, mentor and teacher and I would not want to be without her.

Even now I still find myself amazed by her work ethic, sheer determination and ability to succeed at whatever she turns her hand to and to see the good in any situation.  Her willingness to help others to the very best of her ability and the generosity with which she gives her time and shares her remarkable knowledge and experience knows no bounds.  She is reassuringly open and honest about the hard work, sacrifices and commitment needed to achieve the figure or physique you strive for but through practicing exactly what she preaches is living proof that her diet/nutrition and training methods are second to none – she is super fit and looks sensational!

Kim, you are a truly exceptional person and my greatest inspiration – it is a privilege to know you and to continue to learn from you.  Thank you for changing my world.

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Lincoln Webley

I joined a Gym in the summer of 2000 and I can remember introducing myself to Kim on my first visit. Since then, Kim has been the best mentor, advisor, critic and trainer that anyone could want. She has been a constant source of inspiration not just for me, but for all who enter into the Gym and for those who have gone on to compete or change their outlook on exercise and nutrition.

I have watched Kim over the years and the enthusiasm for training has never waned once. She hones her craft daily and it is evident in lifestyle, conversation and demeanour.

In pursuit of my own goal to compete, Kim has been first class in giving me her support, advice and undivided attention. I have made so many life changing decisions based on working with her and the results that have come from her advice coupled with hard work and determination are highly noticeable and serve as an example for others.

Kim, I salute YOU!

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Gary age 40

My Name is Garry Hobson I am 40 years of age.

I have for the past eighteen months been training with Kim. I was recommended by a mutual friend who suggested that I should meet Kim for a consultation. I did this with some reservations but can honestly say it was the best move I had made for some time.

Be assured I am no body builder far from it; I am just an ordinary guy who was ageing and wanted to change my shape and make the most of what I had. All aspects of the training plan are covered including Diet supplements ect. Kim processes such an immense amount of knowledge in all aspects of Training exercise and body building, and because she still looks amazing and has been there and done it herself it is impossible not to believe in her and trust her judgement.

As a client of Kim I have her constant support and encouragement to succeed she always replies to my e-mails and have to say as painful as it sometimes can be I look forward to my training and enjoy the fact that I am working with, and have access to someone as knowledgeable as Kimberly Anne Jones. To close I would like to say that thanks to Kim I have totally changed the way eat and train and changed my shape to one where I feel more comfortable and confident in my new body and look.

Garry Hobson

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Kerry Barber

After watching Kim transform Ronnie Blewitt’s physique on the television program “Body Spectacular” I knew I had to meet her and to hopefully be able to train with her. That was five years ago. I have always had a weight problem and I love weight training.

Personal trainers for me have always been male, so it was a new experience to be trained by a female. I am very thankful and grateful that Kim took me under her wing and transformed my body shape completely.

Thank you so much for your time, patience and friendship,

Kim you are a star,

Kerry Barber

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Mark Age 62

My name is mark and I am 62 years old

I first met Kimberley-Anne Jones in July 2009. Since then I have had a weekly advice and personal training session with her. Prior to this arrangement I had been training myself, the best I could and weighed approximately 72 kilos.

Kim recognized that as I was of slight build and with light muscle density, I was probably over training with too many sessions a week and using light weights. She gradually reduced the number of work-outs per week to four, cut down the number of repetitions I performed whilst upping the weights used.

I came to Kim with years of re-occurring back trouble, some shoulder problems and poor posture. Nearly one year on, through her slowly adding more core strength training into the program, my back is less painful, I have no shoulder problems that I am aware of and my posture is more up-right and less round shouldered (a plus point that some of my friends have noticed and commented on). My general health has improved and I feel more confident in life.

My current weight is around 80 kilos and I have better muscle definition/mass than I probably had when I was in my 40′s.

Kim’s success with me, of course, lies in her extensive knowledge of this subject and her understanding of how the human body functions. But I believe that part of my improvement is down to her positive and cheerful disposition as I always feel that when she is training me, her total focus is on me and that she is willing me to succeed.

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