Nicole Hazell

Kim is simply the best personal trainer I’ve ever had, I started working with Kim about 10months ago. From working with various different trainers, none have really pushed me or had the full knowledge of both nutrition and training. I found I was always given a standard training/food plan or they didn’t know much about nutrition.. it was one or the other.

Kim went through my current diet and the changes I need to make, she then sat with me and wrote up a personal diet and training plan to get me to my goal.

She has a mind full of knowledge of nutrition and training and I am always learning from Kim through my sessions. From the first training session we focused on correct form during exercises to then later progressing to weight training and different techniques.

I’ve done weight training for about 4years, but kim was the first person to show me correct form and teach me that before adding any weight!

I continue to grow from Kim’s teachings and I have made the most change with my body working with Kim.

If you want to make a change or live a healthier lifestyle, Kim is definitely your lady! I haven’t looked back and know Kim is the best of the best.

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