Martine Kirtley

I met Kim around 3 years ago in the gym, my Husband introduced us. Although I didn’t have any need at the time for a pt, as I was into classes and doing my own thing being a bit of a gym bunny for 10years. But after having my second child I decided I would like to hit the weights side of the gym as my husbands a bodybuilder and wanted someone who new the ins and outs of everything gym orientated wether it’s weight training or diet. Having a post pregnancy body I wanted my toned body and six pack back lol, but without the same amount of time in the day having a little one I wanted to be in and out the gym doing the right excises the right weights the right amount of cardio and eating the right food to make it all happen.
That’s where Kim came into things and she’s is amazing!
She gave me excercises I didn’t even know about and explained the what’s and whys I should do them and went through everything in fine detail. Even though I had be into the gym for a long time I didn’t realise I had so many bad habits or I had weaknesses in certain areas of my body that I needed to address.

I couldn’t recommend Kim more then enough. She listens to what you want what your goals are and tailors a training and diet schedule just for you. She’s always there to answer questions. If you need a pt then she’s the one to go for but beware she will work your arse off and you will love every second of it.

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