Mark Age 62

My name is mark and I am 62 years old

I first met Kimberley-Anne Jones in July 2009. Since then I have had a weekly advice and personal training session with her. Prior to this arrangement I had been training myself, the best I could and weighed approximately 72 kilos.

Kim recognized that as I was of slight build and with light muscle density, I was probably over training with too many sessions a week and using light weights. She gradually reduced the number of work-outs per week to four, cut down the number of repetitions I performed whilst upping the weights used.

I came to Kim with years of re-occurring back trouble, some shoulder problems and poor posture. Nearly one year on, through her slowly adding more core strength training into the program, my back is less painful, I have no shoulder problems that I am aware of and my posture is more up-right and less round shouldered (a plus point that some of my friends have noticed and commented on). My general health has improved and I feel more confident in life.

My current weight is around 80 kilos and I have better muscle definition/mass than I probably had when I was in my 40′s.

Kim’s success with me, of course, lies in her extensive knowledge of this subject and her understanding of how the human body functions. But I believe that part of my improvement is down to her positive and cheerful disposition as I always feel that when she is training me, her total focus is on me and that she is willing me to succeed.

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