Marina Cornwall

I first met Kimberley in 2000 when I first started bodybuilding. I met Kimberley at a show and wondered who this amazing women was who people were queuing up to speak to.

Initially I was bit reluctant to chat to her because I felt a nobody at that point but I was bold enough to go up & introduce myself to her.

She was of course exactly how I imagined her to be beautiful, elegant, friendly & her knowledge of the Bodybuilding culture was second to none.

I visited Kimberley who kindly helped me put a routine together she made everything look easy & elegant yet dance was difficult for me. She also helped me with my diet/training plans again her knowledge & experience was paramount to my needs.

Well what can I say from being a novice bodybuilder I went on to win the British 3 times, became World &
European bodybuilding champion and eventually obtained my pro card in the USA in 2005. I owe my success to Kimberley, thank you Kimberley.

I have now appeared on National & local television, including ‘This Morning” with Holly & Philip, been featured in big magazine names, & appeared in two big movies & series of Mandown with Greg Davies, I now have a name & a brand of my own just like Kimberley.

Whenever people have interviewed me and have even been featured in books I constantly get asked who do I aspire to and who is my mentor, well I think you know whose name I will be mentioning it’s always Kimberley.

She won in …..  the Pioneer of Physical Fitness award for her dedication to this crazy sport. She was so deserving of this award as she has helped millions of men & women to succeed as I have done!

Kimberley is one lady I admire & constantly continue to achieve & strive to be as good as her as a personal trainer, coach mentor & friend.

I still compete today as a Pro bodybuilder & World Powerlifter today and until I don’t do so well I will continue to fly the flag for Kimberley as I hold her in the highest height she is one hell of a women!!!

Don’t hesitate contact Kimberley whatever your fitness levels &
Goals may be.

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