Lincoln Webley

I joined a Gym in the summer of 2000 and I can remember introducing myself to Kim on my first visit. Since then, Kim has been the best mentor, advisor, critic and trainer that anyone could want. She has been a constant source of inspiration not just for me, but for all who enter into the Gym and for those who have gone on to compete or change their outlook on exercise and nutrition.

I have watched Kim over the years and the enthusiasm for training has never waned once. She hones her craft daily and it is evident in lifestyle, conversation and demeanour.

In pursuit of my own goal to compete, Kim has been first class in giving me her support, advice and undivided attention. I have made so many life changing decisions based on working with her and the results that have come from her advice coupled with hard work and determination are highly noticeable and serve as an example for others.

Kim, I salute YOU!

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