Lauren Timlin

My fiancé bought me my first sessions with Kim last year, for him; it was to develop my confidence in the gym, for me; it was to be looking my best for our wedding, I got both!

After doing a physical job when I was younger I never needed a gym, but when I got an office job I realised weight creeping on and I missed the buzz of being active. Kim noticed this straight away when we met, she recognised what my body could take and what it had been deprived of. She also knew what I wanted to achieve from testing me on different workouts and noticing what I enjoyed doing and what my limits were. At the same time, there’s no pulling the wool over her eyes, if she knows you can do it she’ll encourage you to, and by the end of the session you are in full swing. She can’t teach someone who doesn’t want to learn but if the foundations are good it’s a good partnership!

I have been married a year now and still see Kim every week, she doesn’t break or belittle you she builds you up, first in your head then your body. One of Kim’s major passions is for women to walk into any gym, use any equipment, any weight and do it with confidence.

She is now someone I am proud to call a friend as well as someone who has taught me how to train properly and get the most out of my gym time, even if it is for that hour of peace from everything

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