Jonnie Veal

My memories of Kim are of an era which might have been one of the golden times of UK bodybuilding.It was at Ultrasport Gym,near Crystal Palace,those of a certain vintage will also know that it was simply a hardcore gym that at the time had famous bodybuilders with much knowledge and good old fashioned friendship…Kim, was simply put an extremely hard, balls to the wall type when in the gym, that knew how to train with the much over used word ‘intensity’..She was very serious and focused which quite rightly got her the deserved success and it’s on record how she led the way for female body builders in the UK.But she also inspired many others to take up the sport and challenge themselves in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle..We have kept in touch over the years and if anyone who needs a world class coach,teacher,motivator ,with a PROVEN track record of nurturing raw beginners to become outright winners,then you would be stupid not to contact Kim and through her outstanding knowledge on all aspects of various training methods and nutrition,it can only mean that a client gains and understand s a little of what it takes to attempt to be the best or at least see real life results that you can be proud of and fully appreciate the dedication and fun it takes..But the other side to all the time spent in the gym is that Kim is a genuine nice person who has empathy and time which many supposed PT’s lack in this fast paced world..So with all the  hype of Instagram fitness girls,looking to train one bodypart,the supposed guru’s online and many others only interested in taking your money,do your homework and you will see Kimberley Ann Jones has been in the trenches and still here with so much to offer that if you are serious about results,you’ll be serious in getting in touch with her asap.

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