Jan Wroblewicz, Physiotherapist

I have known Kimberly Ann for 20 years when she was reaching her peak as a professional body builder. So when I had run out of ideas with my own training, it was Kim who I turned to.
4 years ago, having not-worked out properly for a few of my middle age years, I was stuck in a rut, so went to Kim as a client. Having never used a trainer myself, I can’t explain what the difference is between having a personal trainer and working out and doing your own programme.
She gave me a gym programme, diet to follow and I used running for my aerobic stuff. Needless to say the pounds fell off, I felt like I had loads of energy and I built up to 14 miles running  by having Kim there to push me or pull in the reins at the right times.
I have had also suggested Kim to some of my clients and feedback that her attention to detail and personal touch is what keeps them going when it gets tough-which is the most difficult part of fitness training.
I have also learned, for myself, how valuable it is to have follow-up sessions when you’ve reached your goal because it’s all too easy to lose your way and think “that’s it”.
I have no hesitation in recommending Kim as a personal trainer for absolute beginners, people trying to lose weight or professional sports people.

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