Gary age 40

My Name is Garry Hobson I am 40 years of age.

I have for the past eighteen months been training with Kim. I was recommended by a mutual friend who suggested that I should meet Kim for a consultation. I did this with some reservations but can honestly say it was the best move I had made for some time.

Be assured I am no body builder far from it; I am just an ordinary guy who was ageing and wanted to change my shape and make the most of what I had. All aspects of the training plan are covered including Diet supplements ect. Kim processes such an immense amount of knowledge in all aspects of Training exercise and body building, and because she still looks amazing and has been there and done it herself it is impossible not to believe in her and trust her judgement.

As a client of Kim I have her constant support and encouragement to succeed she always replies to my e-mails and have to say as painful as it sometimes can be I look forward to my training and enjoy the fact that I am working with, and have access to someone as knowledgeable as Kimberly Anne Jones. To close I would like to say that thanks to Kim I have totally changed the way eat and train and changed my shape to one where I feel more comfortable and confident in my new body and look.

Garry Hobson

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