Emma Delaney

I have been working with Kim for the past 3 years and I have never
met such a knowledgeable person. Not just in the industry but in
everything she does.
As a professional athlete I was lucky enough to always have the right
team behind me – to fix and repair me, yet it wasn’t until later
that I met Kim_ if I had known her at the peak of my career things
would be very different.
After a sever break and dislocation to my shoulder I was told that I
would never be able to lift my arm above my head, so I learned some
bad habits. I visited Kim after a year of rehab and my only wish is
that I had met her sooner. Of course I can move my arm above my head;
in fact I can now even lift weights.
Kim has helped in every element of my lifestyle, diet, competition
prep. Pre and post-fight camps, my weight cut before a fight and then
any rehabilitation post-fight (injury is an occupational hazard).
Kim is a rare gem; her personal touch makes her stand out from the
crowd. She is too modest for her own good. I trust Kim with every
element of my training and she is the person I send everyone to.
Whether is weight loss, muscle gain or rehabilitation she is your

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