Dr Angela Dawson

Kim is quite simply brilliant at what she does.  She has an incredible ability to find a way to make things work no matter how tricky the situation, ultimately meeting targets and achieving tremendous success with anyone fortunate enough to work with her be they world-class competitive bodybuilders, sportsmen/women, celebrities, full-time mums or even a busy junior hospital doctor mad about training with a dream to become a bodybuilder like me…  I first met Kim at a bodybuilding show about six years ago and somehow found the courage to approach her for advice (despite being more than a little star-struck…)  I am so glad I did because that encounter totally transformed my life – she was friendly, enthusiastic, and helpful and invited me to visit her at Skyline gym the following evening.  The rest, as they say, is history…

With Kim’s support and expertise and my love of training, dedication and determination to follow her advice to the letter, I have managed to build a competition standard physique alongside my medical career and achieved things in bodybuilding way beyond anything I ever thought possible. Kim always listens, always understands and will always find a solution to any diet or training problem you can think of.  She never runs out of new ideas (or exercises!) and over the years has taught me the skills I need to now be able to adjust my own diet/nutrition and training in order to achieve my desired outcome.  Kim has guided me not only to second place in the women’s over 55 kg physique class at the UKBFF 2009 British Championships but towards a more self-assured, positive approach to any new challenge in my life and a healthier and happier lifestyle and work-life balance altogether.  She has become my treasured friend, mentor and teacher and I would not want to be without her.

Even now I still find myself amazed by her work ethic, sheer determination and ability to succeed at whatever she turns her hand to and to see the good in any situation.  Her willingness to help others to the very best of her ability and the generosity with which she gives her time and shares her remarkable knowledge and experience knows no bounds.  She is reassuringly open and honest about the hard work, sacrifices and commitment needed to achieve the figure or physique you strive for but through practicing exactly what she preaches is living proof that her diet/nutrition and training methods are second to none – she is super fit and looks sensational!

Kim, you are a truly exceptional person and my greatest inspiration – it is a privilege to know you and to continue to learn from you.  Thank you for changing my world.

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