David Hall

On my first session with Kim I found her welcoming and friendly.  It was easy to build a rapport with Kim because she understands my goals and needs as I have suffered back injuries, so from her extensive knowledge of exercise adaptations she has always found a way to achieve effective workouts for me. Kim is really passionate about what she does and I feel she really cares about my training and always goes above and beyond my expectations.  She even touches base the next day to see how I am feeling.  I have gained a better understanding of the movement pattern performed in all lifts – this is done by Kim breaking down the movement step by step, so it is easy to understand.  By doing this I can feel the muscle working considerably more than I have ever done before, which is massive for me because I know that I am not putting undue wear and tear on my joints where I was before.

I really enjoy the fact that there is a huge variety in every session and I can always be certain of a great workout.   I personally seek out excellence in any field and Kim is the person I trust with my training.
I can’t wait for the next session!

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