Daniel Sullivan

I have known Kim for over 10 years both as mine and my partners personal trainer, who became UKBFF champion at the age of 45yrs old.

In addition she has also trained my “Gym Bunny” mother, who at the age of 72 really needed world class guidance and support, because at this age you really need specialist advice and expertise.

I have always been very fit playing squash, running, intensive use of the gym and latterly Muay Thai boxing. I have met over 30 different personal trainers in a wide range of different capacities from boxing and cardio experts.

When I first met Kim I was really looking to meet someone who could properly assess me and provide guidance and support over and above the “standard” offering you get from some of  the experts in the industry.

It is no exaggeration to state that Kim is easily one of the worlds best and most experienced fitness experts you are likely to come across. (I know she will blush a little at this!) She is a consummate professional who’s guidance and tutelage is without equal.

That first session with Kim was a true revelation. Someone who’s passion, commitment, enormous breadth and depth of experience and real personal care provided me a truly fantastic first training session and a real insight into how it should be done!

I am a teacher by profession and have spent many years examining teaching best practise and learning how best to motivate and inspire pupils to learn. Just because you have a sports qualification and lots of experience does not mean you’ll be good at imparting this knowledge.

Kim is simply a brilliant teacher, a wonderful motivator and an amazing athlete. I cannot recommend her enough! Not only will you achieve and surpass your goals… you will maintain them.


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