Arun Rallon

I met Kim at the gym after plucking up the courage to go and speak to her about my training goals. I had actually suffered a back injury and was struggling to get back into training and I’m amazed at how easy it was for Kim to pinpoint exactly what my problem was on the first session. As the weeks progressed I discovered that the way I had been training over the past ten years was completely wrong, it was in fact my bad training habits that had resulted in the injury in the first place!

Kim’s extensive knowledge of the human body, its limitations and how to get the most out of it are what helped me overcome my injury and get back into training, and I can honestly say I managed to get into the best shape of my life before my sister’s wedding with Kim’s help. She taught me that training is a lifestyle and can help in all aspects of your life. What I love most is how Kim is able to cultivate a passion for training in whoever she teaches bringing together motivation, nutrition and the concept of training smart are core to her approach.

I really believe that Kim is able to mentor and have a positive impact on everyone she trains, regardless of their experience level and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her!!

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