Rory Hanrahan

A friend introduced me to Kim about 8 years ago when she was training at a well-known body building gym. He and his friends often competed in competitions and spoke very highly of her.

After several years of working long hours in the city I was found myself very unfit and extremely out of shape.

I was quite hesitant at first as I thought she didn’t cater for someone with little or no gym experience . I’ve been training with Kim for almost 3 years now and haven’t looked back, I believe she is one of the most experienced, capable & committed Personal Trainers around. I started training once a week as part of a small group session, I really enjoyed the variety and challenge she put into the group sessions and then took on full time personal one-on-one sessions.

Kim is very focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging and somehow enjoyable. My fitness has vastly increased and I’ve seen huge improvements in my ability to complete core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session, there has also been a monumental change in my physic. I find I actually look forward to my workouts. She ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. She is extremely reliable & punctual – always set up and ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned.

As far as nutrition guidelines, Kim’s detailed approach of caloric intake, foods to avoid and maximize, meal plans and supplements is incredibly detailed and accurate.

I thoroughly enjoy working out and would recommend Kim to anyone looking for a dedicated Personal Trainer whatever your targets maybe.

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Melanie Stacey

I had always tried to train but an interest in competing in a bikini class lead me to discover Kim.  She was key to me understanding what I would need to do to help me achieve this goal and gave me full support to allow me to do so.  With structured, targeted training, nutrition plans, direction with posing and stage presence along with caring support Kim helped me transform into a Third place winning WBFF Bikini competitor!

Following the competition I have continued to train with Kim and learn more about structuring my exercise and diet to maintain a healthy lifestyle which will stay with me for life. 

Kim is a very disciplined, passionate lady who cares about helping others to achieve their goals while taking care of their bodies and mindset to ensure their wellbeing.

I am very lucky to have found Kim and hope that others who have the mindset and determination to achieve their goals are fortunate enough to find her too.

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Lauren Timlin

My fiancé bought me my first sessions with Kim last year, for him; it was to develop my confidence in the gym, for me; it was to be looking my best for our wedding, I got both!

After doing a physical job when I was younger I never needed a gym, but when I got an office job I realised weight creeping on and I missed the buzz of being active. Kim noticed this straight away when we met, she recognised what my body could take and what it had been deprived of. She also knew what I wanted to achieve from testing me on different workouts and noticing what I enjoyed doing and what my limits were. At the same time, there’s no pulling the wool over her eyes, if she knows you can do it she’ll encourage you to, and by the end of the session you are in full swing. She can’t teach someone who doesn’t want to learn but if the foundations are good it’s a good partnership!

I have been married a year now and still see Kim every week, she doesn’t break or belittle you she builds you up, first in your head then your body. One of Kim’s major passions is for women to walk into any gym, use any equipment, any weight and do it with confidence.

She is now someone I am proud to call a friend as well as someone who has taught me how to train properly and get the most out of my gym time, even if it is for that hour of peace from everything

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Martine Kirtley

I met Kim around 3 years ago in the gym, my Husband introduced us. Although I didn’t have any need at the time for a pt, as I was into classes and doing my own thing being a bit of a gym bunny for 10years. But after having my second child I decided I would like to hit the weights side of the gym as my husbands a bodybuilder and wanted someone who new the ins and outs of everything gym orientated wether it’s weight training or diet. Having a post pregnancy body I wanted my toned body and six pack back lol, but without the same amount of time in the day having a little one I wanted to be in and out the gym doing the right excises the right weights the right amount of cardio and eating the right food to make it all happen.
That’s where Kim came into things and she’s is amazing!
She gave me excercises I didn’t even know about and explained the what’s and whys I should do them and went through everything in fine detail. Even though I had be into the gym for a long time I didn’t realise I had so many bad habits or I had weaknesses in certain areas of my body that I needed to address.

I couldn’t recommend Kim more then enough. She listens to what you want what your goals are and tailors a training and diet schedule just for you. She’s always there to answer questions. If you need a pt then she’s the one to go for but beware she will work your arse off and you will love every second of it.

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Alex Hales

Words will never do Kim and her training justice; you simply need to book a session with her to see!

Kim’s seemingly endless knowledge and experience set her apart from any trainer I know. Her passion and energy is infectious and after a session you’ll walk (OK, maybe stagger) away feeling on top of the world! She’ll train you in a way that you never have before and you’ll certainly feel it working from the get go.

Kim will not only empower you to feel amazing in your sessions but also give you the tools to take away and continue building confidence in your own training.

I cannot recommend Kim enough. Thank you so much!

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Hayley Dalton

Ive been training with Kim for over a year now and can not recommend her enough, she is passionate about the job she does, and encourages you to succeed in your goals you have set for yourself not only in your training sessions but also after when the support is needed.

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David Hall

On my first session with Kim I found her welcoming and friendly.  It was easy to build a rapport with Kim because she understands my goals and needs as I have suffered back injuries, so from her extensive knowledge of exercise adaptations she has always found a way to achieve effective workouts for me. Kim is really passionate about what she does and I feel she really cares about my training and always goes above and beyond my expectations.  She even touches base the next day to see how I am feeling.  I have gained a better understanding of the movement pattern performed in all lifts – this is done by Kim breaking down the movement step by step, so it is easy to understand.  By doing this I can feel the muscle working considerably more than I have ever done before, which is massive for me because I know that I am not putting undue wear and tear on my joints where I was before.

I really enjoy the fact that there is a huge variety in every session and I can always be certain of a great workout.   I personally seek out excellence in any field and Kim is the person I trust with my training.
I can’t wait for the next session!

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Freddie Thomas

I started training with Kim nearly a year ago to pack on some muscle and help bring up some weaker areas, in the bid to compete in the bikini category. What I have achieved whilst training with Kim however is far more than just this.

Each session is completely tailored to you and what you have discussed with Kim. She is extremely meticulous and will ensure that you have learnt the correct technique, tools and form before progressing to the next exercise. Whilst the lessons with Kim are tough, she will not let you give in and always ensures there is a great element of fun but moreover an elating sense of achievement.

Kim also has a wealth of knowledge on training and nutrition which she is always happy to share with you, in order to really help you achieve your best.
Her services do not only stop after your PT session. She will message you during the week to check how you are feeling. She will also send kind words of encouragement and the protocols of what you have learnt after each lesson. This way you have the confidence and tools to refer to, to go away and practice on your own.

My strength, ability and confidence have improved in such a short space of time thanks to Kim. She is extremely dedicated to each and every one of her students and I cannot recommend her enough.

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Arun Rallon

I met Kim at the gym after plucking up the courage to go and speak to her about my training goals. I had actually suffered a back injury and was struggling to get back into training and I’m amazed at how easy it was for Kim to pinpoint exactly what my problem was on the first session. As the weeks progressed I discovered that the way I had been training over the past ten years was completely wrong, it was in fact my bad training habits that had resulted in the injury in the first place!

Kim’s extensive knowledge of the human body, its limitations and how to get the most out of it are what helped me overcome my injury and get back into training, and I can honestly say I managed to get into the best shape of my life before my sister’s wedding with Kim’s help. She taught me that training is a lifestyle and can help in all aspects of your life. What I love most is how Kim is able to cultivate a passion for training in whoever she teaches bringing together motivation, nutrition and the concept of training smart are core to her approach.

I really believe that Kim is able to mentor and have a positive impact on everyone she trains, regardless of their experience level and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her!!

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George Flo

Great personal trainers like Kimberley-Anne Jones are defined by a long list of past satisfied clients who consistently recommend other new clients. I am indeed one of those satisfied recommendations…

As a PT Kim is renowned and is constantly referred to as “One of the best, if not the best” and is a great privilege to be under her watchful and caring eye. What makes Kim a “great” trainer? She truly cares about her clients and that is obvious with each client whom she trains day in and day out.

I have been training with Kim for approx. 18 months now and it would be no exaggeration to say that she has totally changed my life! On a strong recommendation, I was encouraged to meet Kim. At that point I was the heaviest I had ever been and was genuinely unhappy about my self-image. I am a father of two young children and knew this was probably my last attempt at pursuing a healthier and more sustainable active lifestyle…I had tried gyms on and off for many years, but had found it very difficult sticking with them. During my initial consultation with Kim she really listened to what I wanted to achieve and continues to to motivate and ensure I stick to my path!

Kim has developed not only custom work-out plans for me but has also spent time and customized a specific diet-plan.  In the short period, I have been training with Kim I have a brand-new lease of life and feel amazing. I enjoy going to the gym now and seeing the changes in my body. Kim is an outstanding personal trainer who is incredibly dedicated to the success of her clients and the results are self-evident. I can’t praise her enough and look forward to continuing my journey with her for the foreseeable years.

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Winnie Mawoyo

While searching for a new gym I happened to view Kim’s profile and also go on her website and from that moment I was determined that she would be the personal trainer for me and I have not been disappointed.


From the first meeting I was impressed by how warm and genuine she came across and how focussed and committed to her profession she was.  I fondly remember Kim saying to me ‘yes we have to start you training, when you can start?  Her passion for training clients made me passionate about training and when I showed her a picture of someone who I wanted to look like she reassured me that it was achievable as long as I trained hard and watched my nutrition and under her guidance I started seeing changes in me which I absolutely loved.  She steered me and has continued to steer me in the right direction with both nutrition and training which I was completely clueless about.  I was the cardio and carb queen but being introduced to weights and healthy eating made me fall in love with training.


What you get from Kim is 100% commitment all the time, I was very pleased that she wasn’t one of those shout-y personal trainers but rather a trainer who encourages you and makes you believe that you can.  This self- belief Kim invoked in me has helped me not only in training but in all aspects of my life, made me confident about myself even.  The reason I even train at my current gym is because of Kim, I look forward to seeing her friendly face in the gym and just knowing she is around keeps me in check.


She takes her time to show you the correct techniques for each exercise and when I developed a hip injury she introduced me to myofascial tissue release which helped tremendously.  Her knowledge is endless, her exercises innovative and fun but of course they will put you through your paces – I have been known to draw stares from whining but all worth it. I have never been fitter in my life and the fact that when she sets the exercises for you she believes you can do it inspires me a lot and makes me determined to push through.

She has taught me that it is important to Keep It Moving, nothing moves unless you move it.  From the bottom of my heart Kim, thank you for introducing me to a world I was completely clueless about and for being such a wonderful person and friend.  I wish I had met you sooner!

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Amy L East

After trying every lotion, potion and pill possible and getting nowhere with my weight loss (in fact I was heavier and unhealthier than when I first started these fad diets) a friend recommended Kim.

At first I was really unsure – I thought I hate the gym! but after hearing all about how Kim works her magic I was rather intrigued.

When I arrived for my first gym session I was greeted with a beaming smile, this instantly put me at ease especially as I suffer with major gym fear. I’m sure Kim sensed this as she took me into a studio away from the gym floor.

A few sessions past and my out looked changed on going to the gym, I actually enjoyed going! Kim used to set me mini weekly challenges – beating your own PB is such a lovely feeling!

Kim and I discussed my eating habits and together we designed a plan that suited my health condition. I was eating good wholesome foods, I was enjoying it and my body was too.

I went from not being able to squat to box jumping squats! Kim also taught me how to lift, I never thought I would say this but I love it.

Kim isn’t just a trainer, she’s a friend – her daily texts kept me on track.

I honestly can’t thank Kim enough for the way she has changed the way I think and feel towards eating and exercise.

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Nicole Hazell

Kim is simply the best personal trainer I’ve ever had, I started working with Kim about 10months ago. From working with various different trainers, none have really pushed me or had the full knowledge of both nutrition and training. I found I was always given a standard training/food plan or they didn’t know much about nutrition.. it was one or the other.

Kim went through my current diet and the changes I need to make, she then sat with me and wrote up a personal diet and training plan to get me to my goal.

She has a mind full of knowledge of nutrition and training and I am always learning from Kim through my sessions. From the first training session we focused on correct form during exercises to then later progressing to weight training and different techniques.

I’ve done weight training for about 4years, but kim was the first person to show me correct form and teach me that before adding any weight!

I continue to grow from Kim’s teachings and I have made the most change with my body working with Kim.

If you want to make a change or live a healthier lifestyle, Kim is definitely your lady! I haven’t looked back and know Kim is the best of the best.

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Jonnie Veal

My memories of Kim are of an era which might have been one of the golden times of UK bodybuilding.It was at Ultrasport Gym,near Crystal Palace,those of a certain vintage will also know that it was simply a hardcore gym that at the time had famous bodybuilders with much knowledge and good old fashioned friendship…Kim, was simply put an extremely hard, balls to the wall type when in the gym, that knew how to train with the much over used word ‘intensity’..She was very serious and focused which quite rightly got her the deserved success and it’s on record how she led the way for female body builders in the UK.But she also inspired many others to take up the sport and challenge themselves in pursuit of a healthy lifestyle..We have kept in touch over the years and if anyone who needs a world class coach,teacher,motivator ,with a PROVEN track record of nurturing raw beginners to become outright winners,then you would be stupid not to contact Kim and through her outstanding knowledge on all aspects of various training methods and nutrition,it can only mean that a client gains and understand s a little of what it takes to attempt to be the best or at least see real life results that you can be proud of and fully appreciate the dedication and fun it takes..But the other side to all the time spent in the gym is that Kim is a genuine nice person who has empathy and time which many supposed PT’s lack in this fast paced world..So with all the  hype of Instagram fitness girls,looking to train one bodypart,the supposed guru’s online and many others only interested in taking your money,do your homework and you will see Kimberley Ann Jones has been in the trenches and still here with so much to offer that if you are serious about results,you’ll be serious in getting in touch with her asap.

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Emma Delaney

I have been working with Kim for the past 3 years and I have never
met such a knowledgeable person. Not just in the industry but in
everything she does.
As a professional athlete I was lucky enough to always have the right
team behind me – to fix and repair me, yet it wasn’t until later
that I met Kim_ if I had known her at the peak of my career things
would be very different.
After a sever break and dislocation to my shoulder I was told that I
would never be able to lift my arm above my head, so I learned some
bad habits. I visited Kim after a year of rehab and my only wish is
that I had met her sooner. Of course I can move my arm above my head;
in fact I can now even lift weights.
Kim has helped in every element of my lifestyle, diet, competition
prep. Pre and post-fight camps, my weight cut before a fight and then
any rehabilitation post-fight (injury is an occupational hazard).
Kim is a rare gem; her personal touch makes her stand out from the
crowd. She is too modest for her own good. I trust Kim with every
element of my training and she is the person I send everyone to.
Whether is weight loss, muscle gain or rehabilitation she is your

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