Jan Wroblewicz, Physiotherapist

I have known Kimberly Ann for 20 years when she was reaching her peak as a professional body builder. So when I had run out of ideas with my own training, it was Kim who I turned to.
4 years ago, having not-worked out properly for a few of my middle age years, I was stuck in a rut, so went to Kim as a client. Having never used a trainer myself, I can’t explain what the difference is between having a personal trainer and working out and doing your own programme.
She gave me a gym programme, diet to follow and I used running for my aerobic stuff. Needless to say the pounds fell off, I felt like I had loads of energy and I built up to 14 miles running  by having Kim there to push me or pull in the reins at the right times.
I have had also suggested Kim to some of my clients and feedback that her attention to detail and personal touch is what keeps them going when it gets tough-which is the most difficult part of fitness training.
I have also learned, for myself, how valuable it is to have follow-up sessions when you’ve reached your goal because it’s all too easy to lose your way and think “that’s it”.
I have no hesitation in recommending Kim as a personal trainer for absolute beginners, people trying to lose weight or professional sports people.

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Lincoln Webley

I joined a Gym in the summer of 2000 and I can remember introducing myself to Kim on my first visit. Since then, Kim has been the best mentor, advisor, critic and trainer that anyone could want. She has been a constant source of inspiration not just for me, but for all who enter into the Gym and for those who have gone on to compete or change their outlook on exercise and nutrition.

I have watched Kim over the years and the enthusiasm for training has never waned once. She hones her craft daily and it is evident in lifestyle, conversation and demeanour.

In pursuit of my own goal to compete, Kim has been first class in giving me her support, advice and undivided attention. I have made so many life changing decisions based on working with her and the results that have come from her advice coupled with hard work and determination are highly noticeable and serve as an example for others.

Kim, I salute YOU!

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Kerry Barber

After watching Kim transform Ronnie Blewitt’s physique on the television program “Body Spectacular” I knew I had to meet her and to hopefully be able to train with her. That was five years ago. I have always had a weight problem and I love weight training.

Personal trainers for me have always been male, so it was a new experience to be trained by a female. I am very thankful and grateful that Kim took me under her wing and transformed my body shape completely.

Thank you so much for your time, patience and friendship,

Kim you are a star,

Kerry Barber

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Mark Age 62

My name is mark and I am 62 years old

I first met Kimberley-Anne Jones in July 2009. Since then I have had a weekly advice and personal training session with her. Prior to this arrangement I had been training myself, the best I could and weighed approximately 72 kilos.

Kim recognized that as I was of slight build and with light muscle density, I was probably over training with too many sessions a week and using light weights. She gradually reduced the number of work-outs per week to four, cut down the number of repetitions I performed whilst upping the weights used.

I came to Kim with years of re-occurring back trouble, some shoulder problems and poor posture. Nearly one year on, through her slowly adding more core strength training into the program, my back is less painful, I have no shoulder problems that I am aware of and my posture is more up-right and less round shouldered (a plus point that some of my friends have noticed and commented on). My general health has improved and I feel more confident in life.

My current weight is around 80 kilos and I have better muscle definition/mass than I probably had when I was in my 40′s.

Kim’s success with me, of course, lies in her extensive knowledge of this subject and her understanding of how the human body functions. But I believe that part of my improvement is down to her positive and cheerful disposition as I always feel that when she is training me, her total focus is on me and that she is willing me to succeed.

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Keep It Moving

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The client consultation

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