Motivation and Direction

You may have previously joined a gym with every intention of getting fit, losing weight or gaining muscle?

Many people have, to find out to their dismay that after “slugging it out” in the gym three or more times a week, they have become bored or disappointed with their lack of progress.

There is also a high risk of injury if exercise is performed incorrectly.

All these factors can affect your confidence and self esteem making your goals appear even more unlikely and unobtainable.

This in turn makes motivating yourself to exercise even more difficult.

It is often due to this reason that 50% of the people who join a gym quit within the first twelve weeks of doing so!

Sadly, good intentions alone are not enough to achieve your dreams.

You, in fact need a safe and structured training programme tailored to your specific needs and goals to maximise your results.

You will also require a healthy eating plan to ensure that your body is nutritionally balanced and sufficiently fuelled for a far healthier and active lifestyle.

Keep It Moving is committed to providing both of these vital components with the added benefits of motivation and enthusiasm which will ensure the whole experience remains fun, whilst hard but enjoyable.

Remember nothing moves until you move it!

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